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3 Causes of Car Engine Vibrating When AC is On, Here's How To Overcome

3 Causes of Car Engine Vibrating When AC is On - Have you ever felt a car engine vibrate? Maybe this problem has been experienced by several AutoFamily but feel no need to do an in-depth examination. Even though there is one condition when the car engine vibrates when the AC is turned on.

If this continues to happen, then there are several causes that could trigger it. We recommend that AutoFamily be aware of the chain of causes if this issue reappears. Check out the full summary below.

3 Causes of Car Engine Vibrating When AC is On, Here's How To Overcome

The problem of the engine vibrating when the car air conditioner is turned on does bring its own questions. There are several reasons why the engine vibrates.

1. System Idle Up Problem

Symptoms of a car engine that suddenly vibrates when the AC is on is a sign that there are factors causing the idle up system to not work. This usually happens when the RPM is too low. But when the AC is turned off, the machine no longer vibrates. Of course this problem must be addressed immediately.

Regarding the problem of the AC idle up system, the car engine that vibrates when the AC is turned on does not make the car cabin cool.

The engine load that increases when the RPM is low makes its performance even heavier. Finally, this is what makes the AC compressor work less than optimal. In addition, this can cause the AC compressor to run briefly and then shut down.


Causes of Car Engine Vibrating When AC is On

The idle up system problem can actually be resolved quickly if you turn off the car air conditioner. But the car cabin must be hot. For that, immediately check the sensor system and actuator. If the performance is poor, you should replace it immediately. Guaranteed your car engine will not vibrate again when the AC is turned on.

2. Broken Car AC Bearing

Then there is the problem of damaged car AC bearings. Bearings or pulleys that are damaged make the AC compressor rotation choke. When the stuttering process occurs, this is what causes vibration symptoms to appear.

You must repair the bearings immediately because if left unchecked, the timing belt can also be damaged. Eventually more problems arose. You should also study the low oil characteristics of the car air conditioner compressor for optimal prevention.

3. Deadlock Car AC System

The last cause of a car engine that suddenly vibrates is the car's AC system is off. Cases like this are rarely known. Usually the main cause is frosting on the car's AC line.

For the uninitiated, frosting is the freezing of freon that ends up blocking its flow. Whereas the freon system must have a clear flow and there are no obstacles in order to continue to provide cold temperatures into the car cabin.

The freon system in a car air conditioner is actually the same as the air conditioner you use at home. It is very important to have good airflow in the air conditioning system. That's why the AC condenser is always outside the room.

With that position, the airflow is definitely better. This must also be met in the car's air conditioning system. Don't let the AC system crash. If the flow is blocked, it's only a matter of time until the car's engine vibrates when the air conditioner is turned on.

So those are the three causes of the car engine vibrating when the AC is turned on. You now know what causes these bothersome symptoms.

The essence of all the causes above is not to let your car system not be treated properly. We recommend doing regular maintenance for all parts of the car. From the engine, air conditioning, even including the legs.

That's the reason the car engine vibrates when the AC is on.

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