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11 Symptoms of Heart Disease, Here's How To Cure It

Symptoms of Heart Disease, Here's How To Cure It - A heart attack is a serious health problem that occurs when the heart muscle stops blood flow. As a result, this disease which is also known as acute coronary syndrome will cause impaired heart function.

Meanwhile, the heart will lose its ability to circulate blood throughout the body. Patients are also at risk for sudden death.

Heart attack problems are caused by a lot of bad LDL cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein) that builds up on artery walls. Hemorrhoids will clog the blood vessels, so that the heart is deprived, not even getting a blood supply.

If a blockage occurs, the body will stop working, including the brain. How dangerous is this heart disease, right?

Symptoms of Heart Disease, Here's How To Cure It

However, heart attacks are not the only heart disease that exists. You can find various other heart diseases, such as arrhythmias, pericarditis heart failure, cardiomyopathy, and so on.

All types of heart disease must remain vigilant. You can start to see the signs of heart disease first, especially for those who are obese, high blood pressure, diabetes, and are accompanied by active smoking habits.

Symptoms of Heart Disease

 Well, just take a look at the characteristics of heart disease that you really need to watch out for below:

1. Headache

There are many causes that can cause dizziness in the head. However, Toppers should be suspicious if headaches appear without signs. Perhaps, the dizziness experienced is part of the work of the heart that is not normal. Usually, this headache will be followed by difficulty in breathing regularly.

2. Heavy Breathing

As mentioned in the previous characteristics of heart disease, sufferers will have difficulty breathing. The heart will work less well because the blood flow pumped by the heart is disrupted and obstructed.

Sometimes, these characteristics appear when the sufferer is doing strenuous physical activity.

3. Chest Pain

If a person has a blocked artery or a heart attack, the person will feel pain, excruciating tightness, and excessive pressure in the chest.

This symptom of heart disease is the most common symptom found, but it is very painful.

4. Arm Pain

Suddenly, hands go numb non-stop? Perhaps, this is a sign Toppers has heart disease. In addition to numbness, the hand will feel pain, especially in the arm.

At first this pain and numbness appears in the chest, then radiates to the arm.

5. Nausea

Nausea is a medical condition when a person feels nauseous or wants to vomit. In the case of heart disease, nausea can be an early symptom that marks the emergence of this chronic disease.

In fact, those who experience these symptoms may vomit something up.

6. Swollen Legs

In addition to the hands, feet can also be affected by clogged arteries or similar complications. However, the feet don't just feel numb and sore. The feet will also experience swelling, including in the ankles.

These characteristics of heart disease most often appear in patients who have an obese body condition.

7. Easy Fatigue

Among the many cases of heart disease, this symptom is one of the most common. Even if the patient does not do strenuous activities, he will still tire easily.

8. Snoring

Snoring is normal, but very loud and unnatural snoring may be an early sign of heart disease.

The sound of snoring will sound like a squealing sound, hiccups, or someone choking. What's more, strange snoring will disrupt the patient's sleep time.

9. Excessive Sweating

Even at night or early in the morning, unnatural conditions such as excessive sweating should be suspected. It could be, this condition indicates that someone has suffered from heart disease.

In addition, sometimes this cold sweat will occur in uncertain or random situations based on the performance of the heart.

10. Cough doesn't go away

Cough can be a sign of several diseases, especially those related to the respiratory system. But apparently, coughing can also be a symptom of heart disease.

If the cough does not go away and lasts a long time, and white or pink ripples appear. This can be a condition of heart failure.

This can happen because when you experience heart failure, this vital organ cannot work. Causes blood to return to the lungs and causes a cough that doesn't go away.

11. Abnormal Heartbeat

 One of the signs of heart disease that sounds scary, but can be detected is the occurrence of an abnormal heartbeat.

It is true that the heart rate will be faster when a person faces certain conditions, such as excitement or fear. However, the person should be alert if the heart stops beating for a few seconds for no apparent reason.

Therefore, one of the ways to prevent the worst possible people who are at risk of having a heart attack is to use a smartwatch. Especially full-featured for optical heart rate tracking.

To make sure the characteristics of heart disease above are really an indication of this dangerous disease, you need to have a health check with a cardiologist. Don't forget to adopt a healthy lifestyle too!

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