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6 Tips to Buy a Used Car For Beginners So As Not to Choose The Wrong (Ford, Moskvich, Opel, Volvo, Citroen)

6 Tips to Buy a Used Car For Beginners So As Not to Choose The Wrong - Buying a used car for some people is an investment. There are many considerations for someone to decide to buy a used car instead of buying a new car. The most popular is the issue of price and pocket capacity.

In a year, at least 40 million used cars change hands. That's a fantastic number. So be smart in choosing a used car that is most suitable for you. Used cars are cheap, but there are also many used cars that are not cheap, or of very good quality.

If you're not careful, buying a used car can be frustrating because the repair costs may be more expensive than you think. So, research before buying.

Tips to Buy a Used Car For Beginners

Are you planning to buy a car? Almost everyone wants to buy a new car, but every family's financial condition is different.

6 Tips to Buy a Used Car For Beginners So As Not to Choose The Wrong

No need to be discouraged, because buying a used car is not a problem, as long as you know the tips for choosing and buying the right used car so that you buy quality goods even though they are used.

Mileage Mileage

  • Check the kilometer achievement on the dashboard meter, then also look at the year and month of car purchase, then assume the average daily usage of a running car (100 kilometers) can immediately estimate what is written on the meter is still original or has been replaced.
  • If you get information on diligent service at an official workshop, it will be easier to get the latest KM data.
  • If there is an engine oil hanger, try checking the last KM for an engine oil change.

Checking Engine Parts

  • Check that the upper and lower engine compartments are clean or there is a lot of dust & oil leaks.
  • Check the engine oil amount and engine oil quality by feeling for stickiness and odor.
  • Then the machine is turned on and listen for the first time if there is an abnormal sound (Idling)
  • Raise the rpm to 3,000 then listen again if there is an abnormal sound
  • The engine gas suddenly reaches 5,000 rpm for a moment and releases it back to the idle position, check the exhaust gas whether the exhaust gas is white or clean, also listen to the engine sound. If the exhaust gas is white and there is an abnormal sound in the engine, it is an indication that engine oil wear or leakage has occurred (engine condition is not good).

Does the engine make an abnormal sound (tickling) means the combustion chamber is dirty with a lot of scale, and requires additional engine maintenance costs.

Engine power feels heavy. During the road test, you can also feel that the gear shift is easy or difficult to enter (1,2,3,4-5/R) Manual or Matic.

After a test drive

  • Do not turn on the audio etc when doing a test drive, so you can feel the condition of the car.
  • Feel when starting the road from 0-15km/h whether there are things or abnormal sound.
  • Feel when the speed is 50-120km/h, usually you will hear a sound (tyre, wheel bearing, axle, transmission) if the condition is not good there will be a sound.
  • When the speed is 120 km / h on the highway, also feel whether the car wobbles or swings hard, if you feel there will be additional costs to repair the shock absorber or tires.
  • Choose road conditions that vary between asphalt, concrete, con block and potholes while listening to the sound of the bottom chart to make sure the legs are in good condition.

Check Car History

  • Make sure the original BPKB & STNK letters match the engine and chassis numbers
  • Look for used cars that have a clear repair history
  • Look for a used car that is smooth or original and the body has not been deflated, flooded, or rusted because the cost of repairing the body is more expensive than other car components
  • Find a trusted place to buy and sell used cars
  • Look for references from friends or relatives whose sources are clear

Mistakes to Avoid

Not Studying Car History

Physical appearance ranging from paint to the authenticity of the body is important to note. However, a much more important thing to look at is the history of the engine. Make sure the old car owner is diligent in taking care of it, starting from changing the oil, filters, to replacing damaged components.

Just a test drive

Damage or irregularities in the car engine will not be felt when the car is run several hundred meters. Problems with the engine or other components, will only be seen when the car travels a distance of several tens of kilometers. That's why maximum test drive is so important.

Indulge in Momentary Emotions

Buyers often only enjoy momentary emotions. They generally immediately make a choice and say okay when the look of the car they are looking for is good, and at first glance the condition of the engine is not problematic.

Don't think about the maintenance cost

Buying a used car is sometimes like buying someone else's problem. Especially if the car you buy is over 5 years old.

In order not to make the wrong choice, in addition to the tips for buying a used car that have been described above, you should invite people who understand the ins and outs of car engines, so that the car you choose is of good quality even though it is a used car.

So 6 Tips to Buy a Used Car For Beginners, As Not to Choose The Wrong

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