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5 Causes of Heavy Car Steering, Here's the Solution to Overcome Without Going to the Workshop

5 Causes of Heavy Car Steering - The cause of heavy car steering is often a driver problem. You can feel suddenly the steering wheel of a power steering vehicle that suddenly becomes heavy when driving can happen at any time.

In fact, the function of the power steering itself is to relieve the driver when turning the steering wheel and moving the front wheels.

You can handle heavy steering at home without having to go to a repair shop or call a mechanic at home.

Causes of Heavy Car Steering

This can be applied to all car brands such as Toyota, BMW, Mercedes, Volvo, Tesla, and other brands, especially those that use oil.

5 Causes of Heavy Car Steering

If the steering wheel suddenly becomes heavy, you can be sure there is a problem component. However, what are the things that can cause a heavy car steering wheel?

1. A flat car tire

Although the location of the tires is quite far from the car's steering system, this part is still in the same system as the power steering.

Therefore, if an AutoFamily vehicle's tires have a problem, it is most likely the cause of the heavy steering.

For example, when a car tire is flat due to reduced air pressure. You will feel the power steering becomes heavier and difficult to control.

To avoid the fatal risk of steering heavy steering, check the air pressure in the tires periodically. When finished, add according to the recommended pressure.

2. Power steering oil runs out

In order to turn and move perfectly, the steering wheel needs oil as a lubricant. However, if the oil in the power steering is reduced to the point where it runs out, then this is certainly the cause of the heavy steering wheel.

This condition can occur because there will not be enough hydraulic pressure to help smooth the rotation of the steering wheel. As a result, the steering wheel is getting heavier and difficult to move. To confirm that the cause of heavy steering is a reduced amount of oil, check the oil collection tube section in the engine compartment.

3. Power steering oil pump clogged

If there is still a lot of power steering oil in the tank, but the Toyota AutoFamily steering wheel feels heavy, then the possible cause is the oil pump. An oil pump that does not work optimally can hinder oil circulation.

The next thing that happens is that the hydraulic pressure of the oil entering the power steering rack is reduced so that the steering wheel feels heavy.

Usually the cause of the oil pump is not optimal is a clogged part. Blockages in the pump occur because the oil is rarely changed so that it becomes uses oil that is not as recommended.

Therefore, make sure to regularly replace the power steering oil with quality oil to maintain vehicle performance.

4. The power steering belt is broken

Another component of the steering belt that can cause the steering wheel to become heavy is the rotating belt or fan. Its function is to rotate the oil pump so that it can produce hydraulic pressure.

If this belt is damaged, for example broken, then the power steering oil pump automatically cannot rotate. As a result, the steering system loses pressure and makes it much heavier than under normal conditions.

5. Limited rack steering

The role of the steering rack is as a link between the steering wheel and the legs of the car. This part keeps the steering wheel stable and easy to move.

However, this car component is very easy to come off and problematic when the car is used to "beat" the hole. Over time, it will wear out and cannot be reused.

One of the signs of an car steering rack is damaged is a steering wheel that feels heavier than usual.

When the steering is harder to control, it means the steering rack is slack. You can rearrange or replace with new components so that the steering wheel is stable again.

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