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Choose InterServer for US Web Hosting

Choose InterServer for US Web Hosting - InterServer is a US-based web hosting provider that was founded in 1999. That makes it one of the more mature services. Unlike many competitors, InterServer remains true to its US roots and runs servers exclusively in US data centers.

Why Choose InterServer for US Web Hosting

InterServer is an excellent choice if you want to target a specific US audience. They have worked harder to build domestic strength, owning and operating two data centers; one at their headquarters in New Jersey and the other across the continent in California.

They also offer an attractive selection of web hosting plans. In addition to shared plans and the same legacy VPS, InterServer has several unique options. Two examples are their GPU and Rapid Deploy Server.

InterServer for US Web Hosting

InterServer is not only great for the domestic market but also a mission-only website. Needs that you may find difficult to explain to other hosts seem natural to them.

InterServer Data Center Location

  • New Jersey, USA
  • California, United States


  • Good choice in hosting plans
  • Multiple support channels
  • Reasonable domain name registration rates
  • Server is only running at 50% capacity
  • Guaranteed email delivery


  •     No overseas data center
  •     WordPress special plans only on Cloud hosting

Thus the best server hosting reviews from the US.

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