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How to Choose a Web Hosting Provider in US

How to Choose a Web Hosting Provider in US - Have a plan to build a website for business? Before making it happen, make sure of one thing: choose the best web hosting service. Don't choose the wrong one, because web hosting is a long-term investment that can boost your business. Here are some tips that I can share.

Like a shop, web hosting is a shop where you display your wares. That's where potential buyers will visit, see a row of products on the store display (website), before deciding to buy.

A shop doesn't just have to look pretty, like a website with a cool template/theme. In order to be easy to visit, the store must also be easily accessible to potential buyers. Therefore, access is very important here. And, in the flow of a business website, smooth access is very dependent on the quality of hosting.

Therefore, be careful in making choices. It is very important that you pay attention to the web hosting service of choice to find the one that fits your needs. In accordance with the budget too of course.

How to Choose a Website Hosting In America

As a starting guide, pay close attention to the following points before choosing a web hosting service:

Server quality

Server quality is the first thing to consider before making a choice. Don't let your success in cyberspace be hindered by bad hosting services, making the website difficult for visitors to access, or various other technical service problems that will interfere with the performance of your website.

There are quite a number of references that can be used as guidelines for getting a good server. One of the simplest but most important is choosing the right server location.

How to Choose a Web Hosting Provider in US

If your website is made for an audience in America, then it would be better to choose a hosting service with America servers only.

Or if you want to taste a foreign touch, choose the foreign server closest to you. Singapore server, for example. However, the quality of local servers is no less good when compared to servers in Singapore.

Another thing that is important to note to get a quality server is the technical specifications. Starting from processor speed, RAM capacity, type of hard disk – it is recommended to use a Solid State Drive (SSD) instead of HDD, to network speed servers that determine access speed.

The higher the server speed, the better. You certainly don't want your website to be called lola aka slow loading, right? Visitors don't like sites that are slow to open their pages, moreover, they often can't be accessed because the server is often down.

Affordable price

For beginners, price is always a consideration. However, don't just focus on the rates charged by the web hosting service providers. Compare price with value. Is it worth the price paid for the service you will get?

For example, a web hosting provider charges a rental rate of $5/month for a WordPress Hosting package. Then other services charge $3/month with the right specifications, so this can only be said to be cheaper. However, if the lower price is accompanied by fewer facilities and capacity, then it cannot be called cheap.

So, pay close attention to the specifications offered. Don't be trapped by prices that look cheaper. Make sure you get the best price for your website needs. Always remember the principle of price against value.

24 hour customer service

This is a very important thing. Why? Because the website that you manage does not have working hours. The web will continue to be active every second, every day. Therefore it must always be accessible at all times for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Because we are active non-stop, we never know when problems will come so the website cannot be accessed. If it coincides with working hours of course it will not be a problem. But, what if trouble comes in the early hours of the morning when most people sleep comfortably?

That's why I recommend choosing a company that has 24 hour customer service. This means that a hosting service company will always be at your service whenever you need help. It doesn't matter at dawn, it doesn't matter when the hands of the clock show 00.00.

Down an hour can cause a huge loss for a business website. So, never compromise with this one problem. Choose a web hosting company with 24 hour CS service. And make sure it's really a customer service staff on duty 24 hours, not an automatic messenger application that actually requires you to wait for help until business hours.

Also know how you can contact them. Generally, the best service companies will provide many options for communicating with their customers. Starting from live chat, telephone, tickets, email, some even provide a WhatsApp number.

Various additional features

Although the title is web hosting, aka storing website files on the server, generally hosting services offer a number of additional features related to site management. Some are very helpful, even mandatory. While the rest is nothing more than a sweetener.

Some additional features that must be present, such as SpamAssassin Protection, immunoify360, and SpamExperts. All three are security features that are very important for a website. Make sure the web hosting company you choose provides all three.

More features of course the better. Moreover, features related to site security as above.

Guarantee offer

That's a dead price. Say no firmly to web hosting service providers who do not want to provide guarantees. We have paid a certain price, so the best thing a company can do to guarantee the service we enjoy is a warranty.

The existence of a warranty can be seen as a sign of the quality of service provided. If you don't want to give a guarantee, of course we have to question the quality of the web hosting that is being sold. The more "bold" a warranty is, the better the quality of service offered.

There are various forms of guarantees. Some of the common ones are money back guarantees if the service we receive is not as promised. The existence of this service is certainly important, because the guarantee is a form of the hosting provider's willingness to guarantee our satisfaction as service users.

The 10 Best Web Hosting Services of 2022 2023 2024

  1. Bluehost: Best web hosting service overall.
  2. HostGator: Best for shared hosting.
  3. DreamHost: Best for cloud hosting.
  4. Hostinger: Cheapest web host.
  5. A2 Hosting: Fastest web hosting.
  6. SiteGround: Best for uptime reliability.
  7. GoDaddy Hosting: Best for unmetered bandwidth.

Choosing a web hosting service should not be arbitrary. Don't just be cheap. You must pay attention to other factors that determine the quality of service. For example server specifications, features offered, and after-sales service, etc. It's okay to overpay for truly satisfying service.

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