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Review A2 Hosting : Lack, Excess, and Location is The Best

A2 Hosting first appeared in 2001, so they've been around for two decades now. During that time, the brand has built a formidable reputation for excellent product quality. Despite the distraction of exclusive marketing talk, the performance here is solid.

Why Choose A2 Hosting for US Web Hosting

A2 Hosting can be a little confusing due to the extreme price points of the various packages that come in. At the lower end of the spectrum, shared hosting plans or even unmanaged VPS are very affordable.

But once you switch to a service like Managed VPS, the price skyrockets. Regardless, the speed on their servers is good, and while I don't like their push on the "Turbo" plan, they are indeed faster.

While A2 Hosting doesn't offer some of the server locations that Hostinger provides, AXNUMX Hosting shows its Ann Arbor roots with two US locations available.

A2 Hosting

One in Michigan and another in Arizona cover the vastness of the continent. For overseas audiences, you can use their servers in the Netherlands or Singapore.

A2 Hosting Data Center Locations

  1. Michigan, USA
  2. Arizona, United States
  3. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  4. Singapore

Excess A2 Hosting

  • Amazing speed with Turbo server available
  • Various kinds of web hosting packages
  • Professional and reliable customer support
  • Unmanaged cheap VPS plans
  • Many support services available
  • Excellent server coverage for US

Lack A2 Hosting

  • Steep Managed VPS Pricing
  • High renewal price

That's the review of A2 hosting, I hope you get a discount forever.

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