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Tips for Buying a New Car for The Long Term Without Making The Wrong Choice

Tips for Buying a New Car for The Long Term Without Making The Wrong Choice - Having a new car is everyone's dream. we can more easily take the family on a trip. In addition, by having a private vehicle, we can also protect our children from threats that often lurk.

Tips for Buying a New Car for The Long Term Without Making The Wrong Choice

But, when going to buy a car, there are things that must be considered. Starting from the large enough funds, the advantages of the cars offered to various car models in the showroom. Here are some tips for buying a new car that can help us in choosing a car:

Focus on objectives

When we want to buy a new car, consider carefully. What is the purpose of us buying a new car? Is it for convenience, or for absolute family needs? For transportation to the office, or for business purposes?

If the goal is for family purposes, perhaps the most suitable type of car is the type of minibus. However, for business purposes, a box or pick-up type car will be more suitable.

Collect as much information as possible

For the first time buying a new car, looking for information on the types of cars is very important. In addition to understanding the various types of cars, we can also find out which cars have good quality, how to maintain them, and what are the advantages and disadvantages.

Prepare Funds Minimum 25% of Car Price

This percentage only applies if we want to buy a car on credit. Why 25%? This is because Bank Indonesia (BI) enforces a down payment (DP) regulation that is required to buy a car, which is 25%.

Tips for Buying a New Car for The Long Term Without Making The Wrong Choice

It's even better if we have more funds, so just give a DP above 25%. Because the larger the down payment given, the smaller the credit paid each month.

Create Checklist

This step is important enough to serve as a guide for us when doing a test drive, so that we can easily compare each car. The list consists of unit characteristics, such as acceleration, steering, brakes, exterior colors, comfort in the cabin, to the technology and features available in the car.

Ensure Comfort

It is very important to ensure the comfort of the vehicle we want to buy. There are many factors that become points, ranging from access to the cabin, whether or not it is easy to adjust the seat, wide view from the inside and so on.

Security features

We certainly do not want a car that is easily stolen right? Therefore, also pay attention to its security features. There are several models that are considered quite risky because they do not have an adequate security system. Although we can add security tools, but it would be easier if it was integrated from the beginning, right?

Check Features

The features that are already complete will certainly provide added value. However, we need to pay attention to whether these features can really help us when driving. Besides, can we operate it easily? Try checking first.

Understanding Care Needs

Understanding the characteristics of maintenance can be done by consulting a salesperson or reading a service book. Another way, can be by seeking information from people who already have the type of car we want. In addition, also take advantage of existing automotive forums.

Doing Price Comparison

Price is one of the factors that influence our judgment.

Try to do a comparison between the desired car model. Also pay attention to the attractive promotions that are usually offered by many car manufacturers.

Finding the Right Time to Buy a Car

The right time to visit a car dealer is when the dealer offers special offers or promos. If we find a good promotion, save the brochure obtained from the dealer for information to make comparisons. Do not be shy to ask customer service about the things we want to know about the car we are going to buy.

Don't Hesitate to Negotiate

Another thing that is important, but rarely done by people is to bargain the price when they have found a dealer they feel is suitable. There's nothing wrong with negotiating a price. Who knows the dealer wants to lower the selling price of the car.

If the dealer refuses, find another dealer who provides a price that suits your pocket.

Get Cheap Prices, But Not Cheap

Many new cars at low prices, but the quality is not necessarily good. The easiest way to determine if a car is not cheap is to choose a well-known car brand. From the various types of cars available, we can determine which type or model has a well-known reputation in the market.

Choose the Dealer with the Best Offer

After determining which dealer we will choose, but it turns out that the service is not good, we don't need to hesitate to cancel the purchase and look for another dealer. Search and visit existing dealers until we find the dealer with the best offer.

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