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Road to Bondowoso Ijen Crater Tour

Road to Bondowoso Ijen Crater Tour - Talking about the charm of Indonesian tourism is endless. Each region in Indonesia has its own uniqueness and characteristics, so it is not surprising that many regions in Indonesia are famous even to foreign countries.

Of course, this cannot be separated from its natural beauty which is indeed stunning and makes anyone want to come back again to visit.

One of the areas that has recently been visited by tourists is Bondowoso. Bondowosois located in East Java Province which has extraordinary natural charm. No wonder Banyuwangi, East Java has finally been named as one of Indonesia's must-visit tourist destinations.

Actually Banyuwangi has many interesting tourist attractions, but one of the famous ones is Ijen Crater. Many travel tours specifically open trips to Ijen Crater with the aim of doing business as well as introducing the charm of Banyuwangi itself.

Bondowoso Ijen Crater Tour

With a height of Ijen Crater which reaches 2,779 meters above sea level, of course you can imagine what kind of natural charm can be enjoyed from the top of Ijen Crater.

With the emergence of tour packages or open trips to Ijen Crater, of course you are curious what kind of beauty is in this place?

Blue Fire

Blue Fire is a natural phenomenon that amazes many people. Blue Fire is a blue fire scene where this fire appears on the sidelines of the crater. There are many mountains in the world that have craters but unfortunately not all of them have this Blue Fire.

Amazingly, there are only two Blue Fires in the world, namely in Iceland, Europe and another in Indonesia, namely Ijen Crater, Banyuwangi. Of course this is a matter of pride for Indonesia because it has tourist attractions that are not only unique but also rare in the world.

Road to Bondowoso Ijen Crater Tour

This Blue Fire appears at night so those of you who want to see it have to climb the top of Ijen Crater at midnight.

White crater

In Indonesia, perhaps the famous white crater is Ciwidey in Bandung. But it turns out that Ijen Crater also has a white crater. White rock cliffs combined with Tosca colored craters are a beautiful sight in this place.


In addition to the charm of the white crater and blue fire, Ijen Crater also offers beautiful and cool natural scenery. Moreover, this crater is located at an altitude so that the cool and calm air can be felt in this place.

Sunrise charm

When climbing Ijen Crater, don't forget to enjoy the sunrise. You can enjoy the view of this golden hour after the Blue Fire. So you can be sure that the tiring struggle to climb the top of Ijen Crater will not be in vain. Because when you get to the top of the crater, you will be treated to amazing natural views.

Ijen Crater Tourist Locations

For the location of Ijen Crater, it is in the Nature Reserve area called the Ijen Tourism Park Nature Reserve, Bondowoso, East Java. Although famous as Banyuwangi tourism, geographically Ijen Crater is actually located between Banyuwangi and Bondowoso, East Java.

And for those of you who are planning to go to Ijen Crater, immediately contact a travel tour that is indeed an open trip to Ijen Crater. This is to make it easier when traveling, especially if it is the first time visiting Ijen Crater.

Route And Access To Ijen Crater

Most tours that are open trips to Banyuwangi can also include Bama Baluran Beach tours because these beach tours are located in Banyuwangi and Situbondo Regencies, precisely in Baluran National Park. Bama Beach is only about 8 km from the entrance of Baluran National Park.

If you hear the word Ijen Crater tourism, it certainly makes you want to take a vacation, right? especially now that we can only sit at home because of the corona virus or also called Covid-19.

However, for information on exciting vacation spots, you don't need to be confused because even though all tourist attractions are currently closed temporarily, you should also know about the Ijen Crater tour package.

Where Ijen Crater is a very popular tourist spot and offers very beautiful natural scenery. Well, about this you can see as below.

Ijen Crater Tour in Banyuwangi is a very popular tourist spot among tourists. Where this place presents a view that is so very beautiful and has a cool air that makes this place more popular and wants to be visited by tourists.

Not only that, what makes this tourist attraction interesting is the beautiful phenomenon, namely Blue Fire. Well, the Blue Fire phenomenon like this is what makes the name Ijen Crater popular and well-known among the public and tourists even to foreign countries.

What is Blue Fire? Well, a little information about this. Where the Blue Fire of Ijen Crater Banyuwangi is a blue fire that will later emerge from the sulfur that occurs when it gets dark.

So, later you will be able to see this beautiful phenomenon at night. In addition, this phenomenon only exists in two countries, namely Indonesia, precisely in Ijen Crater and also in Iceland.

Therefore, with the popularity of Blue Fire, many tourism parties offer several Ijen Crater tour packages that you can choose later.

For that, if you want to find interesting tourist attractions and have extraordinary views, then you should not miss a trip to Ijen Crater in Banyuwangi.

If you visit here with friends you will be able to see various extraordinary natural beauty, the mountain which has a height of approximately 2,386 meters above sea level is of course a must for you to visit, especially for you mountain and nature lovers.

Blue Fire Phenomenon

As you can see above, where the Blue Fire phenomenon only exists in the world, namely Indonesia and Ireland. But if you are curious and want to go there, you can do trekking to Ijen Crater by choosing a tour package to Ijen Crater.

Why should you choose a package tour and why not visit it yourself? Well, regarding this, of course, it is better to choose a tour package offered by the travel party, because there are many benefits that you will get from packages and tours to Ijen Crater.

Where the advantage is that you will be guided directly during the trip to Banyuwangi until it is finished. Not only that, the cost of the tour is also much cheaper than having to travel alone, then you also don't need to be confused with transportation and others.

For that, if you want to witness the blue fire phenomenon, there is nothing wrong if you choose the Ijen Crater tour package provided by travel.

In addition, if you want to see this blue fire, you must be able to do climbing or trekking first. Well, the height of Ijen Crater is about 2,443 meters above sea level to be exact.

Not only that, it is also important for you to know that the blue fire phenomenon cannot be witnessed all the time and this phenomenon has its own time. The right time to visit is around 02.00 to 03.00 WIB. So, if you are lucky then you can see this amazing phenomenon.

Therefore, if you want to travel and see the blue fire in the Ijen crater, you should be able to choose the Ijen crater tour package and you can travel with a group and witness this very beautiful and extraordinary phenomenon.

For beginners, there is no need to be confused, because the package provider will explain in detail about safe trekking during the trip to Ijen Crater.

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