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Wurung Crater The most beautiful tourist attractions in Indonesia

Wurung Crater The most beautiful tourist attractions in Indonesia. The location of Wurung Crater is in the Sempol area, more precisely in Sampit Village, Regency. Bondowoso, East Java and has an altitude of 1,500 meters above sea level, its beauty is beyond doubt, the routes and directions I have written below, so read through to the end so you don't get lost and return to the right path, he he is.

Besides being nice and beautiful, the location of Wurung Crater is not too far from Mount Ijen (Ijen Crater). If you want to visit Ijen Crater, it doesn't hurt you to stop by Wurung Crater. From Ijen crater, it takes approximately 30 minutes, my friend has arrived at the Wurung crater tourist site.

Wurung Bondowoso Crater and Its Beauty

The word wurung comes from the Javanese language, when translated into Indonesian it means something that is void, failed and did not happen. So Wurung Crater has the meaning of a crater that did not form or a crater that failed to form.

Wurung Crater The most beautiful tourist attractions in Indonesia

Ijen Crater is famous for its bluish and very deadly lake water. If Wurung Crater has no water at all. The crater here is just a large basin of land and overgrown with green grass.

On the edge of an empty caldera, Wurung Crater is surrounded by circular trees, people here call it Bukit Cicin.


When I sat on the edge of the cliff and looked in all directions this place was similar to Mount Bromo, the difference is that this tour does not have a sea of ​​​​sand there is only a stretch of savanna grass.

Location - Wurung Crater Tour Entrance Routes and Tickets

If you are interested in visiting this tour from Banyuwangi City, the distance is quite far, you have to travel 3 hours (at standard speed). The route you will take is exactly the same as the route to Ijen Crater.

After arriving at the Ijen Crater area, just go straight until you meet the Kalipait Waterfall tour on the right side of the road. If time allows, my friend can stop by here to take pictures and take a short break so that your vehicle's engine doesn't overheat because you have to struggle up and down hills.

Wurung Crater
After the break is over, my friend continues the journey, just follow the road until you find directions on the left of the road that show the direction to Wurung Crater. Friend, turn left past the coffee plantation, you will meet Dusun Curah Macan, mate, go straight until you meet SDN Kalianyar on the right, mate, turn left and just follow the road.

What amazed me to see this hamlet is that the houses of the residents of this hamlet are very unique and minimalist, the houses are not big nor tall and not too good, but very pleasing to the eye. in front of the house there are various kinds of plants such as flowers and various vegetables.

After you pass the Dusun Curah Macan, you will pass through the people's rice fields and Padang Savana here, clearly visible writings WURUNG BONDOWSO Crater in yellow and red.

On the side of this road you can stop and take pictures first while breathing fresh air that you will not find in urban areas. After taking pictures, continue the journey, follow the road until you arrive at the counter door. After arriving at the counter, you have to pay a ticket of IDR 3,000 per person, parking fees of IDR 2,000.

Facilities and Photo Spots of Wurung Bondowoso Crater

If you want to spend the night in the Wurung Bondowoso Crater, you can also provide a Camp area, but how much I don't know because I spent the night in the Ijen Crater Camp area. The facilities available in this tour are several stalls selling various kinds of food and drinks, seating under a tree to rest, a prayer room, bathrooms and a large parking area.

To get to the top and take pictures under the words WURUNG BONDOWOSO Crater, you have to climb quite a lot of stairs, if you are tired, don't force yourself to rest on the iron chairs and cast chairs provided by the tour manager.

After the energy is recovered, continue walking until you reach the writing WURUNG BONDOWOSO CRAFTS here, my friend can rest first while eating the lunch that my friend brought.

From the writing of WURUNG BONDOWOSO Crater, friends, don't go down right away but continue your journey to the tower.

On top of the tower, you can see the vast green savanna, lined with hills and the majestic Mount Ijen and its puffs of smoke. Once satisfied to see the beautiful nature, go down and continue up to the left.

Here, you have to be careful because the road covers the cliffs, but the scenery here is very beautiful. If you are lucky to see local people's cows being released like wild cows in Baluran National Park, how are you interested in visiting here?

Tips When Traveling in the Wurung Bondowoso Crater

If you want to stop by here, I recommend using a private vehicle, because the tourist location of Wurung Crater is not passed by public transportation and is quite far from settlements. Before leaving, check your vehicle first, because the road you will be passing is up and down and a little windy.

If you come here during the rainy season, come early in the morning so you can see the sun rise and it won't rain when you get home. If it's the dry season, come in the afternoon so you can see the sunset and the atmosphere is not too hot.

Because after passing the parking lot there is no shelter, so if it's hot during the day, if it rains it's all wet he he heeee.

Please lower the trash, because the tour manager has not provided a trash can around the stairs to the top of the WURUNG Crater, especially bringing home plastic waste.

Plastic waste is very difficult to decompose, so please lower your trash, friends, so that tourism in the Wurung Bondowosa Crater can maintain its natural and beauty.

Don't just be a connoisseur of nature, but try to protect nature and protect nature by not littering and if possible, friends, reduce the use of plastic waste.

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